Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Organic to All Natural

We started eating organic food about 5 years ago. I believe that we should eat healthy and consume food as much in its natural state as possible. While some of the food we never compromise on, like milk, eggs, chicken and beef; some of the food we buy are organic 80% of the time, like fruits, vegetables, and other meat. We buy brown rice, and whole grain pasta and bread. We sometimes buy "organic" or "all natural" sauces, but in my view, that's a waste of money. Anything that's canned or jarred usually is packed with chemicals.

We have also switched to natural and biodegradable household products, like laundry, dish, and general cleaning detergent. We compost, recycle, and only generate 1 bag of garbage every 2 weeks, including all the soiled diapers.

It was interesting to learn about skincare products when I dropped in on a soap-making demonstration this summer. I was surprised to learn that only all natural ingredients were used in this company's products ( It makes perfect sense to use products made of natural ingredients on our skin.

Last week I heard about the latest study showing how harmful Alpha Hydroxy Acids is to our skin. AHAs strips the dermal layer of our skin, exposing it to harmful UV rays and make it easier for toxins to penetrate our skin. I didn't think any of the products that I use contain AHAs. But to be sure, I checked. It turned out that the cleanser that I use every day (Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser) contains glycolic acid - a form of AHAs.

I started checking the labels of all the products I was using. On the front of the bottles, it entices you with whatever benefit this product is supposed to bring you. On the back of the bottles, the ingredients contains long lists of chemical names. It turns out that the only all natural product that I use is the shampoo (, and it works surprisingly well.

So that got me thinking...I know all natural ingredients work well for our skin. It has even been shown on daytime talk shows how to mix skincare products at home using all natural ingredients. So I started looking it up and was amazed as to how easy it is to make a batch of cleanser, mask, or moisturizer.

Once I finish with all the skincare products that I have, I will try out some of these recipes, and share my experience.

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